Control Panel

projects pertaining to control automation systems. It consists of a team of wellqualified engineers who expertise in the
automation fields such as PLC, variable speed drives, computer controlled systems, etc.
1. Provide solution for any automatic sequencing required by a client
2. Provide Optimum Control Design with control diagram
3. Translate it into hardware using either Conventional Logic Control Component, Programmable       Logic Controller (PLC), Variable Speed Drives (VSD) (AC / DC)
4. Build turnkey Control Panel in our Panel Builder factory
5. Solve inveterate Problems in your current automation System by introducing the optimum and      satisfactory modification.
6. Consultative in Control systems Design and Solutions in many fields.
7. Modifying your current control system to match your new requirement.
8. Provide the Technical Support from the design to troubleshooting from through the phone to your     site visiting.
9. Provide training courses to certain number of your engineers and/or technicians on the new     system.