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The Uncease Group, despite a humble beginning in 2001, is one of the fastest growing professionally owned enterprises in India and in the global arena. An entrepreneurial vision coupled with lofty ambitions and hard work set the pace for the growth of the company.

The journey from a being a India’s most trusted trading house to a diversified conglomerate is fast, yet memorable. Today, the Uncease group business portfolio is a diverse, yet profitable assortment of  Automation, Packing Industries. Its growth has been organic leading to a synergy among its business units, making them more productive and competitive together.

The Uncease Group today

With 10 years at the fore front of industry in India, the Uncease Group is today broadly diversified in several growth industries that cover automobile, food & beverages,packing, light & Heavy engineering,Steel Plant and consultancy. Consistently, the Group companies have emerged as market leaders in fields they have entered. And over the years the Group has developed an enviable record of successfully managing diverse technologies.

Financial strengths

The Group has come to be known for its sound and prudent financial track record. Building strong fundamentals forms the basis of growth in each company, making them the pick of Indian bourses.


Every company in the Uncease Group believes that if you want to build a sustainable reputation, you must begin are strong, and which endure. Strengths are built through a sincere commitment to high standards. Key personnel are widely experienced in international and domestic contexts and are prominent in their fields.

Manufacturing facilities

To provide products of the finest quality, the Uncease Group continues to invest heavily in machines and technologies in its manufacturing facilities. All of the Group's 03 manufacturing facilities today provide high quality products to discerning markets.